Restaurante Navarro: Good enviroment and Quality Food

Last tuesday I booked a table at Restaurante Navarro, in Valencia. On the phone call I mentioned my wife’s pregnancy, and they very kindly replied that they had special dishes for women in her state.

The Place

Located in a very centric place, meters away from the Town Hall Square, on a pedestrian street. Has a very comfy outdoor terrace, and the indoor is elegant and cozy.

The Restaurant was full. We had a reservation, so, as soon as we arrived, they asked for our names, and seated us in our table. The table, by the way, was spacious and large, as opposed to what other restaurants are trending towards, wich is having them as small as possible, so a few more can be fit on the same space. This one was large, acomodating with ease a few dishes, and our personal stuff: Phone, keys…

Customer Service

Cristina took care of us very nicely, and inmediatly remembered my phone call about my wife’s pregnancy. Her sister came by later, and we exchanged some words with her.  Everyone was really nice and helpful since we came into the place, untill we left, wich is something I am grateful about.

The food

The crew’s manner and the atmosphere were excellent, but the foos was really the best. For starters, we got some bread with Ali Oli, delicious. Clearlly handmade, just as my mom used to make it, waaaay tastier than commercial brands. My wife asked for Gazpacho Andaluz, and it was great. It was presented with fried bread and assorted vegetables by it’s side. I ordered Griled Prawn with spring garlics, really fresh and flavorful. We also ordered croquettes,  chicken & ham and Boletus. Totally recommended.

After the starters, they brought us a Goose Liver Sirloin, Batter Dip Prawns and Mascarpone. Everything was fresh, properlly cooked, and had excellent flavour. Time between dishes was apropiate, and the crew was awesomely attentive at all times.


We will come back, that’s for sure! The experience was great. It is not a cheap stablishment, quality has a price, always, but the price to quality ratio is more than justified.

So, if you are thinking about giving the Bayarri Sisters a visit in their Restaurante Navarro, dont give it a second thought, you wont be deceived, I can guarantee!

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