Why You Should Have Personalised Napkins At Your Wedding?

When you’re planning your special day, every little detail is important and has the power to shape the experience of you and your wedding guests. According to a 2018 survey by Hitched, 13 months is the average time it takes to plan a wedding, so that gives you plenty of time to tweak your wedding to make it perfect for you. Let us take a look at why personalised napkins are a great idea for your wedding day.


Themed weddings have been growing in popularity in recent years with more and more people looking to add a splash of creativity to their wedding day. Prospective brides and grooms will pick a theme such as rustic, vintage, winter wonderland, or even Disney or superheroes, to add their personality to the wedding. Your wedding day is a day to celebrate your relationship, and picking a theme is a way of bringing your guests closer to what brought you two together and giving your wedding a unique flair. You can weave your theme into lots of wedding items, personalised napkins being one of them.

Personalised napkins that match your theme are a great, simple, and cost-effective way to emphasise the theme and put it right in front of your guests. Napkins will be placed at every table so every guest will be reminded of the theme in a subtle way. There are many options for theming with personalised napkins, for example, you could have napkins which display the bride and groom’s name surrounded by snowflake illustrations for a winter wonderland wedding or a poignant quote from your favourite Disney movie for a Disney themed wedding.


According to Confetti.co.uk’s wedding statistics for 2017, the most popular wedding colour was white or ivory, with 74% of weddings being centred around this colour. Other popular colours were pink, at 36%, blue, at 36%, and purple, at 20%. No matter what colour you choose, you should tailor your wedding napkins to fit your colour scheme.


Personalised napkins are a simple way to provide your guests with a souvenir from your wedding. The name of the bride and groom can be printed on the napkins providing guests with a special keepsake from your big day.

How We Can Help

At Napki we offer a range of stylish personalised wedding napkins to suit any wedding, no matter the style. We offer digital full-colour print options, deluxe printing options, and standard printing options so you can pick the right napkin for your wedding. We also offer napkins in a range of sizes, ranging from 20x20cm, all the way up to 40x40cm. In terms of quality, we offer 2 or 3ply napkins, double point napkins and Airlaid dry tissue napkins. We aim to offer a range of options that will fit any budget, allow for high levels of customisation, and be of high quality. If you are unsure about what wedding napkins would be best suited for your special day, our team is on hand to help you make your decision.


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