La Pappardella: Italian food, next to the ‘Miguelete’

It was Thursday and we were enjoying a walk through Valencia’s downtown. We started feeling slightly hungry while goin down through the narrow streets surrounding the ‘Miguelete’, and suddenly, a charming Italian restaurant called for our attention, La Pappardella.

The Place

Placed between ‘Plaza de la Virgen’ and ‘Plaza de la Reina’. It has a small terrace, next to it’s entrance, and two halls, one at floor level, and another one on the first floor. The main hall was pretty full, so they took us to the upper floor. I have to say, decoration was pretty modern, tagged paintings we hanging from the wall,  so my guess is that they were available for sale.

There was a balcony on the central area, from where we could see the people on the lower floor. Adorned with a very original chandelier, that iluminated the dining room.

The Service

The customer service was very polite. First of all, we were asked to choose between their terrace and the indoor hall. We ended up inside, and she kindly accompanied us to our table.

My phone was nearly out of charge; I looked for a plug nearby, and didn’t found one. I saw that there was one next to a near table, asked the waitress if we could switch tables, and she did it for us inmediatly. Later, a waiter, with italian accent, asked us about the beverages, and brought the menu. The service was fast, even thou the restaurant was pretty full.

The Food.

We decided to order a Caesar Salad for the center, and a pasta dish for each. I ordered Carbonara Spaghetti and my wife Raviolini Alla Buffala. they brought the salad to us pretty fast, and while we were enjoying it, we got the main dish, so there was no waiting time. Food was abundant and great!


La Pappardella is an awesome stablishment to visit anytime you’re having a walk around Valencia downtown. Nice place, fast service and very tasty italian food. The quality to price ratio was very reasonable. I have heard they have a few other restaurants, and I’m eager to visit them all. Next stop will be at ‘Al Pomodoro’, pizza place located in Calle del Mar n22, Valencia.

I’ll say ’till the next one’ congratulating the crew and the chef, it was really an awesome (an fast) experience.


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