Both Charming and Basic

Both Charming and Basic

Beautiful in the broadest sense.

The logo is the beginning of beauty.

The definition that most clearly defines the brand.

By having a distinct brand identity you can stand out from the competition.

the elegance of simple shapes, such as the Apple logo.

With the help of a logo, you can bring a concept to life.

To support the identification of the basic concept, each of the elements must sing harmonically.

The logo must become an…attractive object.

It is preferable to choose names that are unusual, capable of diverting our prospects’ attention from their usual course of thought, and that are illogical.

When a strange name is retained in memory, it simultaneously becomes recognizable and distinctive.

Not all unusual names produce the same result.

Everyone must have musical skills. We activate our auditory cortex and improve memory in this way by mentally pronouncing the words.

In addition, if the customer can visualize the name of your restaurant while saying it, the visual cortex will be activated and permanently imprint your logo in their mind.

The harmony of the environment can be hindered by loud, garish or too many colors.

If a child is shown pictures of several people, the more attractive the person appears to him, the longer he will hold his gaze.

Our nature includes a preference for the charming, direct, basic and clear.

Our eyes are the main tool we use to select and buy. We are willing to pay more money to taller, more attractive people, even when we are hiring staff for our store.

Every day, the world we rely on has more visual elements.

In reality, most words have become completely unreliable due to overuse and abuse in advertising. Words like “quality”, “unique” and “excellent” no longer inspire our confidence. They have lost all meaning because everyone uses them.

Therefore, it is crucial to pay close attention to the basics of the visual components, starting with the logo, as they bring to life the customer’s experience in the restaurant.

Our environment must be easier to navigate and friendlier, simpler.

Everyone makes this theory about books. create a cover that sells.

In difficult societies, brands act as beacons that guide people through the chaos.

When dealing with a decision, we offer to choose the course of action to which we are most accustomed. Therefore, it should be a basic part of brand recognition.


Simplify one more time, then one more time, and one more time.


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