40×40 3 Ply Napkin. 1/8 American Fold Style.

This 3-ply Cellulose variant is very similar to it’s 2ply counterpart.
It has a dotted border on its edge, wich prevents the veils from separating.
Having an extra layer, this napkin has a flufflier touch, more body, and offers better absorbency.

This is the largest napkin size manufactured(40x40cm).
Presented in the special American 1/8 Fold, wich results in a 10x20cm final napkin size.
It occupies less table space, looks more elegant, and feels more fluffy, because it ends up stacking 8 plies.
There is also a Kangaroo Fold version available, wich allows the cutlery to be placed inside the napkin.

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Available colours.

1,49 1,34/pack not customized (VAT included)