Defining the concept of our company.

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Defining the concept of a company

For a true entrepreneur, formulating a new business is a heady creative act.

Above all other forms of energy, it represents the power of focused thought.

Enthusiasm in action, fueled by an image, which is gaining clarity in the creative mind of the restaurant owner.

Opportunity to elevate your life through conscious and deliberate effort.

In essence, an adult dream come true for those who, inside, have never stopped being children.

It is, without a doubt, an Act of Love.

Our thinking determines our reality.

To elevate our thinking means to change forever our real conditions.

Even if we fail.

Failure is the price of greatness.

Strategic thinking is the process that takes place in the mind of the restaurant owner and the key people around him.

It consists of defining in your mind the image of the concept you want to bring to life.

It is like a painting, a painting that will eventually be translated into a physical reality.

To hit the target, we have to see it.

Almost always, if we are not used to it, we become impatient with the concepts, because we consider them academic and impractical.

As entrepreneurs, we prefer action, we want to get down to work.

We are not aware that the purpose of clearly defining a concept is to promote practical alternatives for action.

To trace different paths in your mind that will lead you to the goal, you need to be clear about the conceptual framework in which you are moving.

Only then will it be able to act effectively.

A defined company concept can be explained, refined, changed and reformulated.

If the operational concept is not made explicit, we will remain subject to it.

Explicitly or implicitly, clearly or confusingly, every restaurant you know has a basic business concept.

Each alternative in your area of influence represents an option for your target audience.

In the past, when someone asked “What are we having for dinner?”, the answer was very simple…any easy prey that passed near the cave.

Today our customer can choose from an infinite number of food options to cook at home.

Also, if you don’t want to cook or feel like going out. You have an infinite number of possible alternatives to choose from.

Italian, French, Thai, Chinese, Portuguese, Latin and many more.

But nowadays there are also fusion proposals from almost all the cuisines of the world. Asian, Mediterranean, Chinese cuisine fused with Spanish cuisine, Andalusian cuisine mixed with Italian cuisine.

In developed markets, where customers have a high level of power, their members have real difficulties in making a decision.

So every day new companies are born that, in different ways, help people to choose the best option according to their profile and tastes.

Today, the Internet plays an important role in this regard.

People consult the Internet before choosing which restaurant to go to.

Seek feedback from other customers to minimize the risk of error.

He makes sure that the menu is to your liking and the price does not exceed the budget mentally set for the occasion.

This gives us an idea of the risk aversion we humans have.

Even so, the options are excessive and confusing.

Adults with too many choices they can immediately satisfy behave like children.

They lose their ability to make decisions becomes boring.

This is the scenario in which we will have to move as restaurant owners.

And remember… In an oversupplied market, mistakes are costly.

On the contrary, it happens in monopoly situations, when we had to force ourselves to swallow bad service and abuses of all kinds.

Now you get lost and the competition takes your customer.

So today, more than ever, focus is necessary.

We have to define a simple strategy and draw a well-differentiated business concept.


SIMPLICITY means Finding the Essence of the Idea.

Be clear about how our restaurant adds value.

How are you going to capture the attention of a customer who is confused by millions of different options?

How are we going to win the attention first, and the heart second, of a customer tired of too much of everything.

To make your business a Magnetic Restaurant, you will have to take note and apply some very simple principles based on the workings of the human mind.

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