Digital Full Color Personalized Napkins

This is the newest system. Thanks to it’s Digital Print Technology we are capable of printing polychromatic Images, such as photographies, on Napkins.
Its features are as follows:

    • The minimum order quantity is the same as it is on Deluxe, a single pack of personalized napkins.

    • Delivery time, up to 10,000 units, will be less than 15 days.

    • It allows us to print polychromatic or photographic images on napkins.

    • It does not require a etching plate.

    • It’s only restrictions are that the Full Color System should only be used on white or light color napkins, and Metallic-like finish inks are not available. Those features are exclusive on Deluxe Personalization.

To see the available personalizable napkins, click here.