We work with 3 different napkin qualities. All of them can be personalized with all our systems (Deluxe, Digital Full Color and Standard). Here we will explain their differences, strong and weak points of each napkin quality.

Extra-soft cellulose, 2 and 3 ply

The 2-layer cellulose is the most basic and economic material. It is available in a wide range of colors, depending on its size. The largest (40×40) can be found in two different types of folding, cross fold (1/4) and the special American Folding (1/8). The other sizes are available only in cross folding (1/4). It has a dotted border that goes the entire napkin, to prevent the layers from splitting. The 3-layer version increases the quality of it, adding more body and absorption. On 20×20 and 30×30, the 3 Ply version is only manufactured in white color.

Double Point

Softer and fluffier than 2 and 3 ply thanks to the special embossment system. It creates air cells inside the napkin, thus providing a smoothier feeling when in contact with your lips and skin. Available in a wide range of colors, depending on the size. The largest (40×40 cm unfolded) are available with two folding styles; cross fold (1/4) and special American Fold (1/8). The other sizes are available only in cross fold.

Airlaid – Dry Tissue

Maximum quality with fabric-like looks and feel, although much cheaper, and also much more hygienic. Ideal for restaurants that stand out for the attention to details. The largest (40×40 cm unfold) are available with 3 types of folding; cross fold(1/4), special American folding (1/8) and kangaroo fold. The other sizes are available only in cross fold.

Absorbent Card

Most used Disposable Coasters are made with special paperboard, as they’re the most efficient in absorbing condensation and humidity from your glass. Coasters made of plastic can’t do that, so humidity ends up getting to the table, eventually.

Here at Napki.com you have both round and squared shapes available, both in White and black color. They’re the ideal kind to be customised with either Deluxe or Full Color print customization. Both shapes measure 9cm side to side.

Please have in mind that deluxe print can be applied to any color of coaster, but Full Color Digital print will only be possible on the White color ones.