Deluxe Customization

Unlike the standard system, the Deluxe printing system offers higher print quality, shorter lead times and a lower minimum order quantity, starting at 250 units.

Its main characteristics are as follows:

  • Can be printed on napkins, coasters and tablecloths in dark colors. The ink adheres to the napkin, showing its original color, without loss of intensity.

  • The delivery time for up to 10,000 units will be 7 days.

  • The print quality is superior compared to a Standard print. It is much more solid and defined, allowing to customize with light and metallic colors (gold, silver, bronze, copper…) but does not support gradient colors.

  • The minimum order quantity is only 250 units.

Although the price per unit in Full Color or Deluxe Digital Printing will be higher than in Standard printing, the ability to print the exact quantity of napkins, coasters and placemats will keep the total price below the minimum order with standard customization.