Full Color Digital Personalization

This is the most innovative system.
Thanks to its Digital Printing Technology, we are able to print polychromatic images, such as photographs, on napkins, coasters and placemats.

Its characteristics are as follows:

  • The minimum order quantity is the same as Deluxe, 250 units.

  • Delivery time, up to 10,000 units, will be 7 days.

  • It allows us to print polychromatic or photographic images on napkins, coasters and tablecloths.

  • No cliché required.

  • The only restriction is that the Digital Full Color system should only be used on white or light-colored products, and metallic-finish inks are not available. These features are exclusive to Deluxe Customization

Although the price per unit in Full Color or Deluxe Digital Printing will be higher than in Standard printing, the ability to print the exact quantity of napkins, coasters and placemats will keep the total price below that of a standard custom order.