Available napkin sizes

It is very important, when talking about napkin sizes, to keep in mind that the size specified refers to the size of the napkin unfolded in centimeters. Its size, once folded crosswise, will be half the specified size.
When we refer to a 20x20cm cocktail napkin, we are talking about a napkin that is 10x10cm when folded and 20x20cm when fully unfolded.

There are many different sizes of napkins, and each is chosen for various reasons. If you have any questions about the best napkin size for your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will help you choose the perfect napkin for your needs!

17×17 (8×12,5 cm. Folded)

Miniservis are usually found in bars and cafeterias. They are usually found inside dispensers at the bar and tables of the establishment.

20×20 (10×10 cm. Folded)

This is the smallest size available in table napkins, commonly used for cocktails, drinks, light appetizers or even as coasters.

24×24 (12×12 cm. Folded)

The 24x24cm napkin will look 12x12cm when folded. Generally used for cocktails, appetizers or even as coasters.

30×30 (15×15 cm. Folded)

The 30x30cm napkin (15x15cm folded) is usually served with sandwiches, snacks or sandwiches. Being the most intermediate size, it is one of the most versatile napkins available.

33×33 (16’5×16’5 cm.folded)

Nearly the largest size available. Elegant and slightly larger than the cutlery. Recommended for lunch or dinner service.

40×40 (20×20 cm. Folded)

This is the largest napkin size available (40x40cm). Although there are different folding methods, this is the unfolded version. It is mainly used in restaurants, for lunches or dinners.

40×40 1/8 (10×20 cm. Folded)

This is the largest napkin size available (40x40cm) with American fold, resulting in a size of 10×20 cm.

40×40 (10×20 cm. Folded)

This is the largest napkin size available (40x40cm) with Kangaroo Fold, which results in a size of 10x20cm.
The Kangaroo pocket allows the cutlery to be placed inside the napkin.

Coasters (9×9 cm. Folded)

This is the standard size (9x9cm) of 400 g.
Made of absorbent cardboard in both round and square formats.

Individual Tablecloth (30×40 cm.)

This is the size of the placemat (30x40cm) of Tisú Seco/Airlaid.