The latest trends in napkin customization for events and weddings

The latest trends in napkin customization for events and weddings The customization of napkins for events and weddings has been a popular practice for many years, but in recent times it has experienced a renaissance thanks to new technologies and design techniques. Whether for event planning companies, wedding planners, advertising and marketing, branding or merchandising, […]


The “shared cost” concept (cost-sharing) refers to a business model or strategy in which the costs associated with a project, service or infrastructure are divided among various stakeholders. This approach is commonly used in collaborations, partnerships and alliances between companies, organizations or individuals for shared cost. The main objective of the cost-sharing model is to […]

Strategies to Generate Extra Income in your Restaurant

Strategies to generate income In the competitive world of hospitality, finding ways to increase your revenue can mean the difference between success and failure. Fortunately, there are several strategies to generate extra revenue in your restaurant without compromising the quality of service or the customer experience. In this article, we explore 7 effective ideas to […]

The 7 keys to a good restaurant success story

Passion and commitment: The success story of a restaurant begins with the passion and commitment of the owner and his team. Unique and well-defined concept: A successful restaurant needs a clear and attractive concept that distinguishes itself from the competition. This may include a novel, unique proposition or a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. […]

The best ways to create a Menu to attract customers

The best ways to create a Menu to attract customers Introduction to attracting customers: One of the most important tools for attracting customers and generating sales in the restaurant industry is the menu. A well-organized menu can attract customers’ attention, arouse their curiosity and influence them to order the dishes to be served. Here are […]

Both Charming and Basic

Both Charming and Basic Beautiful in the broadest sense. The logo is the beginning of beauty. The definition that most clearly defines the brand. By having a distinct brand identity you can stand out from the competition. the elegance of simple shapes, such as the Apple logo. With the help of a logo, you can […]

CONSISTENCY is another essential word

MAGNETIC DESIGN RULES It is necessary to follow some fundamental guidelines to create a charming, truly magnetic restaurant. The guidelines Walt Disney used more than 30 years ago when designing his theme parks served as the basis for the ideas I will share with you below. The world’s most popular theme parks have been able […]

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